Monday, November 5, 2012

Wolverine & the X-Men #19

Swarm! Iceman in a helmet! Longshot’s IMDB filmology! And best of all, that little Broo is alive (just in really bad shape)!

Jason Aaron should be writing about the whole Marvel U, because this issue shows he’s got a nice grasp on the entirety of it. Aaron gets to show off his familiarity by putting Kitty Pryde through a hilarious but unfortunate set of interviews for the open teaching position at the school. Most of the applicants are unqualified or even dangerous, but my favorite is the person Kitty should be most afraid of. One actual teacher with an education degree shows up, and when she questions Kitty and the X-Men’s actual qualifications, Kitty can’t get her out fast enough! It’s a great moment, made even better placing it in the middle of Marvel’s zaniest characters asking for a job. Looks like the Marvel economy is tough too.

Since I started picking up this title during the AvX mega-crossover, I’m not positive who actually stars in this book. It seems like Kitty Pride, Iceman, Beast, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Angel, and maybe Deathlok? Along with this issue’s new teacher who should fit right in. I’ll be curious to see how this cast interacts with the All-New X-Men title, since most of my favorites are here or in Uncanny Avengers.

Nick Bradshaw’s art is a real treat. He’s able to do comedy and action with equal skill, and he consistently does a great job with the many guest-stars. Swarm looks awesome on the opening page, and I love his Ghost Rider. The design for Husk in her current… unbalanced form is spooky too.


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