Sunday, November 4, 2012

Winter Soldier #12

Do you realize that Winter Soldier is using Wolverine as cover on the front of this comic? Has there ever been a less heroic use of Logan in Marvel’s history? That’s a great cover.

I’m racking my brain to think if there is anyone involved with the Black Widow who Ed Brubaker hasn’t drawn into this story. We had Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, and Cap, but this issue adds in Wolverine. Plus, it seems that sleeper agent Leo has targeted another man in Natasha’s life to be the Winter Soldier’s target. It’s a little crazy, how much mind-control and brainwashing is going on here, but I’ll take it. I love seeing heroes fight each other, and Winter Soldier vs. Hawkeye and Wolverine is a darn good fight. Heck, Winter Soldier vs. his target has tremendous potential too, especially since Brubaker has previously written that guy too!

I’m also holding out hope that the Black Widow may end up getting the last laugh. Is she going to successfully toss off her brainwashing and end up having to save Bucky? I’d be fine with that.

I’m really digging Butch Guice’s heavy pencils on this book. His Winter Soldier almost has a John Buscema-brow, which really gives him an air of brutality while under mind control. The art seems to work better on darker characters like Hawkeye, the targeted hero, and the Widow; Cap never looks quite right in this one. His brightness and smooth lines don’t fit in the wet, dangerous world on the other pages.


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