Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wolverine: To Russia, With Love TPB

This is probably going to be my last trade of this title. It's a bad sign when I enjoyed the classic reprint from 1980 more than the new material.

Fred Van Lente's stories are harmless enough, but I don't really think they say anything new about the characters involved. This strongest story in the trade told a flashback tale of Wolverine and Alpha Flight as they faced off against other men who had been used in adamantium experiments. This was actually an entertaining story that used Alpha quite well. It was by far the best of the new stories.

The other two issues had Wolvie, Shadowcat, and Colossus fighting, then teaming up with the Soviet Super-Soldiers. The story is pretty generic with government testing creating some sort of collective mutant and of course radioactive fallout. Nothing too thrilling to be found here.

Clayton Henry provided the best art with Alpha Flight. The remaining chapters by Salva Espin and Steven Cummings was servicable but nothing riveting.


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