Monday, August 3, 2009

Goon & Dethklok One Shot #1

This comic felt so much like an episode of Metalapocalypse that I could hear the voices in my head. From the setup with the secret cabal dedicated to the study of Dethklok to the lawyer's dialogue, everything was perfect. This kind of thing can be pretty hard to pull off, and even harder to do well, but this was one heckuva team up. Skwisgaar hooked up with a gypsy g-milf, Toki had a silly new idea, and Murderface was gross. Just fantastic stuff all around. The opening warning from Skwisgaar did a nice job of warning the reader that anything can happen. People die, become coke-heads, and get genetically linked to insane royalty. None of it sticks, of course, but damn if it isn't funny.

Eric Powell did a nice job with the art, making half the book look cartoony, then placing the cartoon characters into the grimy world of the Goon. Truthfully, the Dethklok portions of the book are the better parts, and the property translated into written form better than I thought it could.


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