Friday, August 14, 2009

Walking Dead #64

Hoo boy. This was a solid issue. Kirkman gives us some nice personalities for the hunters as they rationalize their cannibalism to Dale. Kirkman gives Andrea a great scene where she describes to Rick how she fell in love with Dale after initially feeling very little for him. Kirkman keeps the plot moving along with small scenes with Michonne and Morgan and Carl and Morgan. Solid little book. Then we get to that last page.

It takes a skill to write the last page that gives the reader a chill, that makes you just chuckle with glee at what the protagonists are going to do. Rick's pronouncement about the Hunters on the last page made me laugh out loud and has me thrilled for next month. Oh man, those Hunters are going to get it!

Charlie Adlard does another solid job. He really nailed the opening scene with Dale mocking his tormentors. And that last page. Man, if I was rich, I'd buy that page.


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