Friday, August 14, 2009

Terror Inc. MAX TPB

Huh. This actually didn't impress me too much. I've never been a big Terror fan, but I usually enjoy David Lapham's work. This mini was sort of average though. Terror has the ability to rip off dead body parts and replace decaying parts of his body. This series reveals that his innate goodness is the result of his having used the arm of his beloved for hundreds of years. Her goodness overpowers the nastiness of the usual scum that Terror harvests for parts. Things get complicated when his former flame rises from the dead totally crazy and evil. Naturally, this sets off a vicious battle for control of the arm.

There are some neat ideas in here, but the story is shoehorned into a greater plot about Homeland Security, terrorists, and other unnecessary trappings that never really feel like they are part of the same plot. It seemed that those elements were present just to ramp up the tempo of the story. The personal conflict between Terror and his ladyfriend are well done, especially the final battle. Terror points out that he's been using her arm for hundreds of years, so it knows him a heck of a lot better than it knows her. He also comments how he liked her back when she was nice. It's a well played confrontation.

Patrick Zircher uses the detailed pencil-style he used in his Thor one-shots, so everything looked nice. The color pallette was a bit dark. I prefer his pencils with the brighter tones he had in Cable & Deadpool.


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