Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fusion #3

I find it highly suspect that DnA did much more than consult on this "story." They are credited as writers, but in the three issues of this limited, there hasn't been very much happening. Four VERY out-of-date teams ran around and fought in some splash pages, nothing really changed, no one learned anything, although I learned that "ultra-sapiens" sounds like ridiculous. I never really understood Ripclaw's relationship to the Venom symbiote or how they related to the Hunter Killer guy with undefined powers. This was one confusing mess and I really hope that my favorite writing team didn't come up with most of what was actually published.

Tyler Kirkham has that Top Cow house style down, with lots of cross-hatching and sort of a sketchy look, except when there are iconic poses to be had. I'm really wondering if there was anyone clamoring for this team-up or for this type of story. I definitely would not have read it if the Mighty Avengers hadn't shown up, and as it is they did very little and barely seemed in character.


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