Friday, August 21, 2009

Invincible #65

Kirkman pays off his swerve of the last few months by delivering the funeral of Rex Splode rather than Atom Eve. Most of the issue is setting up the new status quo where Atom Eve's powers are a little more unpredictable than we're used to. It seems her creations and changes are a little bit imperfect now. What she did get right was a few "improvements" to her assets from when she healed herself last issue. It seems Invincible digs her larger personality too. ;)

Much of the issue deals with the losses of the past few months while also ramping up the threat level presented by the sequids, the Viltrumites, the government, and even Invincible himself. The book closes with Invincible deciding that he will use lethal force when necessary. This comic is always so good and well thought out. It is actually hard to imagine getting a Superboy comic this good.

Ryan Ottley handled Atom Eve's improvements well, it is noticable, but not over the top. I liked his take on the Image cameos at Rex's funeral too, although I want to see how Bulletproof is dealing with being a hand down.


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