Friday, August 21, 2009

Blackest Night: Superman #1

I picked this up on a whim based on how much I've been enjoying the other Blackest Night material from DC these days. I'm glad I did. There is a lot here that makes reference to current goings-on in the Superman books that I have no idea about. Superman doesn't live on Earth, Supergirl commutes between New Krypton and Earth, and Superman has permission to come back too, I guess. Kal-L, Earth-2 Superman gets his ring this issue and immediately starts racking up a bodycount. I'm not sure how many residents of Smallville get killed this issue, but it is a lot. James Robinson does a good job showing the devastation a Superman can cause when motivated by evil. I was confused by Kal-L's ally, I actually thought that OUR Superman had lost that friend and I was pretty shocked I had missed such a big death. Judging from the closing dialogue, this is another Earth-2 counterpart though.

Robinson does a neat trick in showing the changing emotions of everyone dealing with Kal-L. Superman in particular is a never-ending rainbow of Will, Hope, Rage, Fear, and everything else. I hadn't seen the emotion-viewing power of the Black Lanterns used this way before, I thought it was more about the dominant trait of the character.

Eddy Barrows draws some good undead gore but also does a nice job on Superboy and Superman. His detailed style works well with the subject matter.



Ian from Westfields said...

E-2 Lois passed away in Infinite Crisis--the Secret Files I believe.

Timbotron said...

Right, I do remember that, I was just surprised to see her back too. I'm not a fan of Earth-2 or whatever, so having another Superman is hard enough for me to understand!