Saturday, August 15, 2009

Invincible Iron Man #16

Matt Fraction did a tremendous job re-establishing Madame Masque as an Iron Man villain while simultaneously acknowlidging her role in Dark Reign. This entire issue is basically Masque ranting and cooing at Tony Stark, trying to win him back. Masque is both creepy and desperate, the ultimate stalker, and the whole situation is made more awkward since she actually does have a history with Stark. She's a unique villain, eager to run off and go on the run with Stark. Her raving about doomed romance with a tied up beau is quite funny. I did like that Pepper got to be the hero for once rather than the victim too.

World's Most Wanted is moving along nicely, although I do have one major complaint. If Tony Stark is moving backwards through his armors, I really wish we could have seen the Silver Centurion armor. That's still my favorite! It sure would have been great to see Salvador LaRocca pencil that bulky suit for an issue or two.

LaRocca's art is always solid, and he does a nice job here. The hints we get of Madame Masque's face are truly spooky. His art really sells how gross it would be for Stark to have that metal mask pressed onto his face. Yuck!


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Madame Masque rocks!