Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mighty Avengers #28

This one doesn't have much forward movement. Last month we found out about the secret king of the Inhumans who was banished by Black Bolt and his cadre of royalty. After living in exile for so long, this lost King finally returned and was rampaging across China. After defeating China's super-heroes, US Agent and Quicksilver realize they are outmatched. This issue picks up with Quicksilver and the Agent calling for help, only to have the signal cut off by Loki in her Scarlet Witch disguise. Stature complicates things by witnessing this, setting up a big confrontation with Stature at the close of the issue. Making it a bit more interesting, Stature seeks out her Young Avengers teammates and brings them back to the Avengers mansion to confront who she thinks is the Scarlet Witch. She brings along a tag-along too. Ronin shows up at the end of the issue wanting some answers too. I wish Ronin was in his Hawkeye duds, of course, but I am pleased to see him showing up in a book I'm already enjoying.

As I said, there is not a lot of plot movement with the Inhuman King, and right now we're only getting teases about the Scarlet Witch reveal. I'm hoping next issue kicks it up a bit and we get more payoffs, this title has been a tad slow lately.

Khoi Pham's art is looking sketchier and sketchier. I think the book would benefit from a tighter inker coming in and finishing up some of the characters. This book has a large cast, so I'm sure it is a lot of work, but too many times background character's faces end up being lumpy or unfinished looking.


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