Monday, August 17, 2009

Justice League: A Cry for Justice #1&2

This really is as bad as you've heard. The dialogue is forced and self-important. The characters are anguished and acting like tough guys. The melodrama level is high as the random deaths and anguish is turned up to eleven to justify all these characters to be whining and moping around. To be honest, I can't believe this is James Robinson (The Golden Age, Starman Firearm, etc.). I used to seek out all of his work, but his recent DC work has been inconsistent at best.

Issue 2 actually has a line like "The world hasn't seen the heroics of Ray Palmer, the Atom." Jay Garrick makes this prophecy to cheer up Ray Palmer, but man, it reads like bad fan-fiction. So far the only named hero to be killed is the Freedom Beast (who perished trying to save some gorillas, so he must not have been very good). Jay Garrick's chubby guard friends were killed too, but I'm pretty sure they're the three stooges or Charlie Chaplin stand-ins, so I'm not too worried about them. The core relationship between GL and GA is forced too, with the two of them constantly referring to the history of their bromance. Overall, this is not very good at all. I'll be passing on the rest of this series, and now I'm concerned about the quality of James Robinson's upcoming Justice League of America.

Mauro Cascioli's painted artwork is suitably dramatic, but the subject matter is just so silly, I can't take it seriously. A golden gorilla screams "I want Justice!" to close out issue 1, and issue 2 has a javelin shatter against Supergir's super-chest. This is the rare series that seems to be making me like the lead characters LESS than I did before, making this a big misfire from DC.


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Martin Gray said...

How can you write such things. Noooooo . . . JUSTICE!