Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ms. Marvel #43

This whole War of the Marvels thing is dragging only two issues in. This title had a bit of a shot in the arm when Moonstone took over as Ms. Marvel, but then Moonstone started acting oddly when the big-headed babies started controlling her. Now we've got a Ms. Marvel who is acting robotic, a script-writer who thinks she has some tie to Ms. Marvel (and is no doubt the real Carol Danvers) and Moonstone now wanting to fight to keep her heroic title. My problem is I'm not really learning anything new about any of the characters. We know Carol Danvers will get her mantle back, so this all just seems a bit like an exercise in futility.

I will say it is always fun seeing the Dark Avengers doing their best to avoid self-destructing on each and every case. Brian Reed does have some nice scenes with that here. I am confused at the heavy emphasis on Green Goblin though. Osborn hasn't really been a focus of the story before now, so I'm wondering what the relevance is showing his home life and feelings about Ms. Marvel. I think I may have spoiled a Spider-Man plot point for myself too...

The art by Sergio Arino is a step up from what we've gotten the last few months. The Dark Avengers all look good. Ms. Marvel is back to looking like a comic-book woman rather than a cartoon woman.


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un_taco said...

I've been a devote fan of this series, but lately, it absolutely sucks. And if this issue issue is any sign of a continuing trend, I won't make it to the end of the multipart story, UGH.