Sunday, August 30, 2009

Justice League of America #173 & 174 (1980)

I never realized how much of a jerk Flash turned into after Iris Allen died back in the 80s. It turns out that instead of Green Lantern and Green Arrow butting heads non-stop, it seems GA and the Flash had their share of problems too. It was an interesting time, since the rest of the league kind of just watches Barry Allen mope and complain, hoping that he eventually cheers up. I've never read Gerry Conway's satellite JLA run, and I'm finding it interesting and fun.

The main plot of these two issues consist of Green Arrow nominating Black Lightning for membership in the League. Black Lightning is a lot cooler here than I remember, using his powers to kick butt and I really liked the way Jefferson Pierce is balancing his two lives. He had a much more Spider-Man feel than I'm used to with the character. There is a great scene where BL has to duck away from the cops so he can try to get a few hours of sleep before teaching classes the next morning. Of course, he doesn't succeed.

Issue 173 has the League dressing up as loser villains to test BL's abilities. After he proves worthy, BL decides to just stay on his own. 174 is more action packed as the League goes up against the Regulator and his horde of giant vermin that are overrunning the city. I appreciate that the Regulator's long-term plan is to have his vermin escape Metropolis and start breeding, eventually wiping out mankind. That's some good long-term planning!

The art is by Dick Dillin, the classic JLA artist. Everyone looks exactly right (although Zatanna's costume is awful).

Good (in a cheesy, 80s kind of way)

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