Friday, August 28, 2009

Batgirl #1

Hmm. I'm pleased that the new Batgirl is who I thought it was, but I find myself pretty uninterested in her exploits.

SPOILERS ON: For those who missed it, Stephanie Brown, former Spoiler and former Robin is now Batgirl. It seems Cassandra Cain gave up the cowl when Bruce Wayne died, since she did all of her fighting for him. That leaves Stephanie behind to pick up the pieces. Steph is an interesting character, and I did like the parts of the issue dealing with her struggle to keep a promise to get out of the vigilante game. Bryan Miller succeeds in giving Steph a unique voice. I'm not sure if she's a freshman in high school or college though. Got to be college, right? She's been teaming up with Robin for years and years now.

I didn't care for the use of Barbara Gordon/Oracle. Miller uses the characterization established in her recent mini-series; that of an angry, moody almost recluse. Portraying Oracle that way really weakens the character, she was the brains of the DCU and now she's reduced to melodramatics and beating up toughs on the subway. I understand the mentor/mentee role that Miller is setting up, but that's a major step down for a former member of the JLA and leader of the Birds of Prey.

Lee Garbett's artwork is average. I found some of the action panels confusing (especially in the opening drag race) and his shot of Stephanie in the shower seemed unnecessary. I will say the choreography for the closing fight was much nicer, the action was clearer and easier to follow.


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