Saturday, August 1, 2009

All-New Savage She-Hulk #4

Jen Walters, the original She-Hulk ends up with a bigger part in the story than I had expected. Lyra (the future, savage She-Hulk) decides to abandon her mission (of procreating with the obviously evil Norman Osborn) and instead she decides to escape the clutches of the Dark Avengers. Fortunately, Jen Walters is working for ARMOR (the inter-dimensional equivalent of SHIELD) and gets permission to break into Avengers tower to rescue Lyra. Jen has a great bit where she offers to be the new "Dark She-Hulk." It's a nice bit of meta-commentary, so it's clear that writer Fred Van Lente is aware that Jen has a lot of fans that don't want to see her shuffled aside. There are some neat moments while the She-Hulks battle the Dark Avengers, with the high point being poor Bullseye's attack on Lyra. He throws a few daggers at her throat, boasting that "I never miss." As the daggers shatter on her hard skin, she comments "That's nice." Bullseyse has really had a rough time since joining the Dark Avengers. It seems everyone is following in Warren Ellis' Thunderbolt footprints. That is, Bullseye is great against normal people, but against super-powers he's not really able to compete.

This is an action packed issue that wraps up the story nicely. It also sets up Lyra with a unique new status quo as an agent of ARMOR. I wish she'd get a new name, since I want Jen Walters to be the only She-Hulk, but I guess we're in for some confusion with that name over the next few months. This was a good way to keep up with Jen Walters during Dark Reign, so I do think it is worth picking up. Heck, I'd pick it up just for the smackdown Jen gave Sentry last issue.

Peter Vale and Michael Ryan keep things crisp and clear, with nice action panels. The stand-off page is quite neat too, with an interesting angle I don't think I've seen in too many comics.


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un_taco said...

Alright ... MAYBE I'll pick up this book, but no promises. Like you I think Jen should be the one and only She-Hulk, and Lyra should just continue to use her first name (and maybe add, "--Agent of ARMOR"). If the real She-Hulk has some good moments here then I'll be willing to check 'em out.