Monday, August 10, 2009

Deadpool: Suicide Kings #4

This story is a whole lot of filler around a pretty simple story. The plot of Tombstone vs. Deadpool doesn't really need 5 issues to be told. In fact, Tombstone went to the Hood this issue to draft the Wrecking Crew onto his side against the heroes. That's only fair though, because after he turned the Punisher over to his side, Deadpool had Spidey, DD, and Punisher all helping him. That said, Mike Benson still has some fun stuff to be found this issue. The ongoing competition between Deadpool and Spidey is darn amusing, and I actually do like some of the glimpses we're getting of Tombstone's criminal organization. Not to mention that any comic with the Wrecking Crew is automatically a bit cooler.

Carlo Barberi's art is very much on the cartoony side. He has a pretty good Deadpool, but I don't really care for his Ramos-inspired take on Spidey. I'm just never convinced that Spidey's eyes should ever look like they can widen or close. The rounded chins and circle eyes look a lot like the art from the main DP book, I'm just not sure how this style came to be associated with Deadpool.


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