Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter Soldier #2

I couldn’t resist the rumors of a gorilla with a jetpack.

This is a really odd comic, with Ed Brubaker writing a nourish spy thriller, but starring flying gorillas and evil robots. It’s neat seeing how he’s merging the two worlds so effectively. I always like the ideas of super-villain auctions, and seeing them pawning off HAMMER tech and Pym particle gear seems to be par for the course in this book.

This issue seemed like a lot more fun than the previous one. Winter Soldier seems to be enjoying the absurdity of his world more, and it makes the whole book feel lighter. He and Black Widow are a fun couple, and a perfect match, so its great seeing them just decimating everyone they go up against.

I’m not sure I buy the robot from the closing panel as a true threat, but for a street-level duo like Winter and Widow, it might work.

Butch Guice has reinvented himself again. This book is positively scratchy, so much so that at times its hard to discern what’s happening in some of the more frenetic action sequences. It’s not a bad fit, the action is in dark alleys after all. And Guice can certainly bring the classic when he wants to; his Dr. Doom looks like he stepped out of a comic from the 1960’s.


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Tom Badguy said...

The only Winter Soldier comics I read were the Civil War ones and I liked them. Good review, I will have to look into this.