Saturday, February 11, 2012


Well, that’s annoying. My entire experience reading this issue is fouled up after that inside joke on the closing pages. For those who haven’t read it, after Brother Eye sends a fairly incompetent assassin to try and kill Max Lord, we see that the assassin is wearing Kord Industries labeling on his uniform. Max Lord orders the dude to kill himself, and he does, bleeding out from a head wound on a checkerboard floor. I’m annoyed enough that Ted Kord has been written out of the new 52, now Dan Didio is putting inside jokes about it in his comics? It just seems unnecessary and a bit gleeful.

The issue itself is fine, with OMAC facing off against the “ever-so-deadly” Sweet Leilani. I love the use of cover blurbs this month, this is a busy cover, but a fun one. My problem is that I have absolutely no interest in seeing ANOTHER re-imagined Fourth World. Leilani makes reference to Granny Goodness and to the dark-haired leader of the Female Furies. I’m sure this will be Big Barda, but again, the concepts were so well-executed the first time, I’m not interested in a 90’s style re-imagining.

This comic had been blessedly free from re-imagined characters and concepts, with Mokkari, Max Lord, and the other “old” elements playing pretty close to the originals. I can only hope the last few issues don’t buck that trend.

Scott Kolins does a nice job altering his style to match Keith Giffen’s take on Jack Kirby. It’s odd, because Kolins isn’t doing a Kirby homage, he’s doing an homage of Giffen’s take on Kirby. OMAC still looks impressive with that foil-mohawk, and Leilani is visually fun.



Jeff said...

Has it been said out loud anywhere that Ted Kord is dead in the New 52?

Timbotron said...

I believe he's on the list of characters that never existed. Wally West, Ted Kord, Connor Hawke. I'm sure there are more I'm not remembering.