Saturday, February 4, 2012

Aquaman #5

Man, is it ever weird that Aquaman is one of my favorite titles in the new 52. I mean, it is the creative team behind the strong Blackest Night series, but still.

This issue is technically a little slower than the first few, with Aquaman dropped mysteriously in the middle of a desert. We watch as he dehydrates, hallucinates, and eventually see what brought him to such dire circumstances. I think Geoff Johns has some neat stuff in store for the history of Atlantis, judging by the oddball artifacts and technology present in this issue.

I hope Mera doesn't turn out to be evil, and I don't think that's the plan. A little mystery never hurt, so I'm fine with some ambiguity in her loyalties. One question, did Arthur Jr. ever exist in the DCnU?

Ivan Reis has a pretty easy job this issue, with a lot of empty desert backgrounds and some generic Atlantean shock troops. Once again, I'm not sure the splash pages are deserved, but that's old news at this point. I also laughed when I saw Aquaman brooding in his bedroom with an undressed Mera waiting for him in bed. Do you think her state of dress was in the script?


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