Monday, February 6, 2012

Secret Avengers #21.1

The thing about comics is the illusion of change. How many times have we seen Hawkeye and Captain America butt heads and come to some kind of understanding? But it always comes back to the big brother/little brother dynamic, because that's what works best for these characters. I used to get mad about it, but now, I'm willing to give Rick Remender his chance to put these two through another round of counseling together.

Cap is evaluating Hawkeye's ability to lead a team of Avengers, and I guess the resume of West Coast Avengers and Thunderbolts wasn't cutting it. The two Avengers head into Madripoor 2012, Bagalia. I'm always down for a new evil country, through, so I'm not complaining. Remender spends about half the issue with the two heroes sneaking around, then delivers the smashing.

It seems the Shadow Council is putting together a new Masters of Evil (complete with respectful holograms of previous members in their HQ, classy!) In this one, we get Whiplash, Princess Python, and alternate-Ghost Rider Vengeance. I thought Python died recently? This one seems to have a psionic snake, though, so maybe she's new. And I don't know anything about this Whiplash or Vengeance. I'm crossing my fingers for some more classics.

Hawk does his thing, proves himself, and next issue things should really take off. Patrick Zircher is a great artist, although this book looks a bit more digital than his work typically does. There are some tiny figures that really look digitally shrunken, and a lot of the backgrounds are a bit fuzzy too. The main characters look great, of course, although Zircher is the newest artist to fail at making Hawkeye's new costume look good.


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