Friday, February 24, 2012

Batman #6

This is, without a doubt, the best title coming out of the new 52. Scott Snyder is putting out a story that is going to hold up against the best Batman stories of the past few years at least. I almost wish I’d waited and bought this thing in trade, cause I think re-reading it would be a pleasure.

Batman is having a pretty rough time of it for this whole issue. But like a true hero, being down doesn’t equal being out. Bats summons some intestinal fortitude and lays the smack down on Talon. It’s a great sequence, especially after two issues of the Court of Owls tormenting our hero. Snyder handles the turn with a deft hand; while Batman definitely earns his victory, this is one he had to work for. The Court of Owls isn’t really dissuaded, and with more Talons on deck, it could get ugly for Batman.

I’m a little disappointed that everyone and their Mom will soon be fighting a Talon in the Court of Owls crossover. I think it weakens the brand to flood the market with copycats. And you know that everyone from Red Hood to Katana is going to be able to fight off and defeat the Talon appearing in his or her own comic. From there, it’s just a small step to Talon becoming the next ninja or evil robot. I’ll be avoiding the crossover, but I fear that the unique unease the Court of Owls foments will be diluted anyway.

Greg Capullo has a dream job in this one. He doesn’t have to draw many backgrounds at all, and it all fits in with the hallucinatory battle raging on the page. Even with the blank panels, Capullo gives the comic a strong sense of location, due to the memorable rooms of the labyrinth. I almost winced seeing Bats and Talon wrecking that cool Gotham City model.


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Tom Badguy said...

Batman is having issues in that pic, lol Good review.