Sunday, February 5, 2012

Avengers Solo #4

Hoo boy, and I thought I was confused before. I know Hawkeye was helping some ladies stop some experimental program that was going to give their babies super-powers, but I literally don't remember the women getting powers themselves. I thought they were all sharing a super-suit? There are all sorts of layers, betrayals, and scheming going on in Jen Van Meter's series, but I'm too simple to follow it.

There is a poignant moment where Hawkeye calls Mockingbird about using their old cabin. I totally missed the breakup, though. Did that happen in Avengers?

Roger Robinson is back on art, so at least everything looks gorgeous. It is hilarious seeing the doctor kept prisoner in monk's robes though, that doesn't really make sense. Or is he wearing a bedsheet?

Robinson's Iron Man at the close of the issue is awesome, I hope we can see more of his art soon!


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