Sunday, February 12, 2012

Invincible #88

Hmm. I guess this explains why we won’t be seeing Mark Grayson as Invincible for the next few months. I’m still holding out hope that it is Bulletproof who will be wearing the blue and yellow; he just makes the most sense. It will be fun seeing him interact with Atom Eve as they try to keep the money coming in.

Most of this issue boils down to Allen the Alien’s decision to poison the Earth to try and get at the few remaining Viltrumites. The Viltrumite leader Thragg makes a lot of compelling arguments on why Allen shouldn’t proceed, and finally, the big guy seems to be listening. But Oliver isn’t. He’s been passive-aggressive about Earth from the start, so it’s no surprise that he acts rashly. He seems pretty upset about how his plan turns out, though. I like that Oliver hates Earth, and hates Viltrumites, but he loves Mark, a combination of the two.

Another advantage in moving Mark to the side for a few issues is that I’m anxious to see more from Robot and Monster Girl. The Guardians of the Globe need some panel time to catch us up!

Ryan Ottley. Awesome again. At this point, what can I add to that?


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