Saturday, February 25, 2012

Avenging Spider-Man #4

I’m still a sucker for the team-up concept, but I must be getting used to modern pacing. Spidey and Hawkeye resolve their problems in one issue, and yet I found myself wanting more. I don’t remember these two ever spending much time together, so I really enjoyed seeing two experience heroes with entirely different approaches to heroics.

Hawkeye does come off as a bit of a buzz-kill, an odd role for him. Instead, he focuses on training the entire issue, with no banter or horsing around. Of course, Spidey takes a bit more joy in his work, so he’s puzzled at Hawk’s attitude. It turns out that Hawkeye’s recent breakup with Mockingbird has shattered his confidence a bit and he’s driving himself hard to show he deserves his spot on the Avengers. It’s unusual to see Hawkeye this unsure of himself, but it definitely makes sense with his personal life in such turmoil. Wells has a nice closing moment for Spidey too; he’s still the star of the book.

Greg Land can’t save that awful Hawkeye costume. I’m not sure it would have looked much better with the old look, but it wouldn’t have hurt. I’m just not loving Land’s style these days, although he does a nice job on Spidey.

I enjoyed seeing Sidewinder, but man, why the generic serpent thugs? Couldn’t we get Bushmaster, Asp, and a couple more Serpent Society members?

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