Friday, February 17, 2012

Uncanny X-Men: Breaking Point TPB

Kieron Gillen’s first solo arc on Uncanny X-Men is really strong! I’m not a huge fan of Breakworld, and I certainly wasn’t clamoring to see those characters again, but Gillen does a great job constructing a compelling story with the concept. I even giggled at a few bits of the Breakworlders’ dialogue, which surprised me.

Gillen clearly likes Magneto, and gives him some great lines. Due to the style of story, only a few X-Men really get a spotlight. Colossus, Wolverine, Shadowcat, and Magneto dominate the trade, with Cyclops and White Queen getting a bit of strong banter in too. I’m curious to see what he does when he gets his “regular” line-up post Schism.

Gillen also gets to resolve the “intangible Shadowcat” subplot. It’s a necessary adjustment, I know we’ve seen that a few times before. That big metal containment suit wasn’t a good look for the character, I’m glad she’s free of it by the close of the trade.

I would have loved to see Terry Dodson draw a bit more “classic” a villain in this arc. Powerlord Kruun was always a bit too generic for me, he just doesn’t pop. Dodson does a great job on Colossus, Wolverine, and the other X-Men, though.

This trade also includes the entertaining 534.1 issue by Gillen and Carlos Pacheco. Is there any way we can get Pacheco doing more X-Men? I mean, this brought back the 90’s for me, in a good way!


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Martin Gray said...

Yeah, I'm no fan of Breakworld either, but this was good stuff.