Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Avengers Academy #26

This is an odd end to an odd story. I’ve liked the ideas behind every element of this arc, but the execution has been a bit odd. Hybrid was a really scary and threatening idea that got wrapped up mighty quickly. The whole “embedded consciousness” idea for Reptil, again, I would have thought that would take longer to resolve. And now Jocasta is back from the “dead” already. At this rate, Christos Gage better have two or three plots every issue or I’ll think he’s slacking off! (I’m probably just not used to this pacing since so many books are written for the trade these days.)

This issue focuses on Veil and Jocasta as they attempt to shut down the Avengers Academy. They feel that the young heroes can do a lot better out in the real world, using their powers to fight global problems rather than super-villains. It’s a legitimate argument somewhat undermined by the inclusion of the young Lex Luthor-ish villain. You just KNOW that the dude is rotten. Jocasta and Hank Pym each get a chance to make a speech to the students. Not surprisingly, most choose to stay in the Academy. The only losses I can think of are Machine Teen and Rocket Racer, two students who I didn’t even remember, to be honest. I was a bit saddened to see Hardball, Komodo, and Cloud 9 all on the other side too, but I suppose it does give Jocasta’s argument a little weight.

Hawkeye mentions Wonder Man’s recent attack on the Avengers in Bendis’ annuals. What an odd choice that was. Jocasta defends him a tiny bit, but I worry that Wondy might be beyond saving at this point.

Tom Grummett’s clean lines and classic style work better in fighting stories than in talkers like this one. His pencils still look good, I just don’t think this is the best utilization of his ability to draw classic-looking costumed heroes. He also seems to have a better grasp on the “classic” costumes. Giant Man, Quicksilver, Jocasta, and Tigra all look better than the guest-starring Initiative folks. He does a nice job with the core student body, especially Hazmat and Finesse.


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