Thursday, February 9, 2012

Villains for Hire #3

Tiger Shark on the cover of a comic. That I assume must have been trying to make sales. It just makes me laugh. As I’ve said from the start, I’m clearly the target audience for a book like this, but how many mid-30’s readers who pored over their Marvel Universe Handbooks could there possibly be?

Things are pretty frantic this issue, with Purple Man’s ever-increasing gang of thugs out to take out Misty Knight. It was pretty neat seeing the odd matchups scattered through the book. Bushmaster and Speed Demon go down so quickly they barely register, but Man Ape vs. Tiger Shark is a pretty fun battle. Crossfire and Stilt-Man vs. Bombshell, Shocker, Avalanche, and Death Stalker would be a quick fight, but I do wish we could have seen more of it. Of course, Stilt-Man and Man Ape love being villains, so they aren’t about to work for Misty Knight. Crossfire shows some character-building professionalism, but that doesn’t serve him too well.

It’s too bad I haven’t read the closing chapters of Heroes for Hire yet, I’m certain Puppet Master’s reappearance would be a lot more dramatic if I’d seen how that volume closed. (And there is no way Paladin is actually dead, right?)

Renato Arlem continues to be serviceable penciling the book. His takes on these classic rogues is all on model, but sometimes the art is a bit too photo-reference-y for my tastes.


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