Sunday, February 26, 2012

Daredevil #9

I’m honestly puzzled. How did I forget how good Mark Waid is? This comic is fantastic! I’d say it’s either the best or second best book on the stands right now, with Batman hanging right along with it. (Now team books? That’s tomorrow’s review.)

Waid takes what could be a generic story and makes it intensely personal as Daredevil pursues the moloids under New York after they steal his father’s occupied casket. (This doesn’t seem to be targeted; rather Mole Man has a hankerin’ for stiffs right now.) I can’t remember ever seeing these two Marvel mainstays face off, but I absolutely love the sense of familiarity the two express. Daredevil has written off Mole Man before he even shows up. Mole Man has DD’s measure and just dispatches him. No monologues, no speeches.

I’m so excited to see how many other odd pairings Waid can come up with. He’s doing a great job with Black Cat too, as the megacrime subplot keeps chugging along while DD is underground.

Paolo Rivera delivers another book filled with inspired visuals. Sure, it does look like DD smells his fingers after a tryst with Black Cat on page one (thanks Bleeding Cool), but the rest of the book is flawless. The inhuman moloids shuffling and grunting down in the dark. The horrifying river ride to the Mole Man. The odd failings of DD’s radar sense. This book is simply brilliant.


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