Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Batman & Robin #6

Batman is rightfully getting all the accolades, but Peter Tomasi is spinning a strong tale in this title too. It isn’t as revolutionary as Scott Snyder's take, but I’m really digging the DCnU’s BatDad as he tries to make sure Damian doesn’t grow up to be a killer.

The Nobody’s codename never really makes sense, but I do like the extended origin from this issue. Ducard is a mean dude, and making him a contemporary of Bruce Wayne’s is a brilliant move. While Wayne and Ducard have a lot of the same training, I expect that Bruce’s more varied education will put him over the top next month.

The main story barely progresses this month, aside from a nice turn towards the end of the issue. Most of the page count goes towards the flashback revealing just how Ducard and Bruce crossed each other back in the day. It’s refreshing seeing that the two of them never really liked each other; these aren’t two best friends who split, they were rivals at best.

Patrick Gleason continues to deliver some of the most consistent pencils in the business. I love how he draws Damian’s round head, making him look like a little kid. The cutaway shots of Nobody/Ducard are nice too, finally showing some emotion in a villain who is clearly wrestling with some anger problems.


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