Thursday, February 2, 2012

Avengers Academy #25

And look at that. Hybrid came to the fore faster than I expected, and his villainy gets resolved quickly too. And Christos Gage keeps the fast-pace going, too, with the expected return of a “murdered” character from a few issues ago. I don’t think anyone really expected this character to be gone for long, but wow.

What impressed me the most about this issue was how poignant the scenes with future-Reptil ended up being. Gage didn’t have long to make us care about the future-versions of the team, and yet I felt saddened when old-Reptil made his sacrifice for his past self. It says a lot about the characters that his sacrifice was resonant so quickly.

Hybrid is dang powerful. As near as I can tell, the guy was about to defeat about 30 super-heroes, including some fairly big names. If it wasn’t for the surprise return of that character I mentioned above, I think there’s a chance Hybrid could win. Again, Gage deserves credit for dusting off Hybrid and making him into an instant threat. I did like Hank Pym’s supreme confidence in dealing with Hybrid. Not sure how Pym, Tigra, and the other teachers will take the cliffhanger statement though.

Tom Grummett is an old favorite of mine. I can’t say how bummed I am that he’s drawing the current TERRIBLE costume on Hawkeye. Why can’t Clint Barton wear his real costume for longer than a few months? He’s constantly punished with terrible designs!


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