Monday, February 27, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #6

Peter Tomasi wraps up his opening storyline in a satisfying way, and with a lot less bloodshed than I would have figured. I was certain at least half of the new "action movie" corps members would get offed, but instead, I think one only lost an arm. (A minor inconvenience for someone with a GL ring.) Tomasi did have one other GL casualty, but the guy was gonna break, so no big loss.

I really liked that moment, where John Stewart killed a fellow corps member to protect Oa. It's an awful choice, and one more tough choice in a life filled with them for Stewart. I loved that the other GL repeatedly spoke up for John, and even cut him off from confessing in the middle of battle. Bringing it up there won't help anyone, and it was neat seeing John re-focus on the task at hand. What makes this book work is the emphasis on the corps as a group, not just on the main two characters.

I love the idea that while the Keepers are immune to GL energy, regular Earth-guns work just fine. That's smart; I love it when a foe has been unbeatable for multiple issues, but when the heroes alter their approach they can find success.

Fernando Pasarin does a solid job on art, as he has from the start. He and Tomasi make a good team. The battle scenes are choppy, but clear, and I loved the awful scale of the closing page.



Tom Badguy said...

Outside of Batman, I don't really get into a lot of DC stuff, but Green Latern is one I think I would get into. Good review.

Timbotron said...

I recommend this book, not any of the other GL books right now...