Thursday, February 16, 2012

Green Lantern #6

Too much time spent with Hal Jordan quickly makes me lose interest. Geoff Johns pulls me back in with some good Sinestro action, but boy, I have absolutely no interest in seeing Hal Jordan trying to make due with a normal life on Earth.

I like that Johns creates a new space-hero for Sinestro to play off of. Starstorm is pretty generic, but it’s a great high concept. Yellow-ringed Sinestro was such a great villain that he had more than just Hal Jordan claiming him as a nemesis. That’s a top-ranking bad guy!

There’s a bit in here about another prophecy of the Green Lantern Corps, something about a third army. But isn’t this the third or fourth time Johns has used this plot device to lay the groundwork for upcoming GL stories? I just can’t get too worked up over it at this point.

Mike Choi is no Doug Mahnke. His faces are a tad chubby, and there aren’t a lot of backgrounds in most of the panels. In fact, based on the level of detail in a lot of these panels, I wonder if this was a rush job, Choi’s X-Force work was a lot prettier than this. That grooved GL costume doesn’t look too good when other folks draw it, either. That really is an ugly design.


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