Friday, February 3, 2012

Walking Dead #93

Robert Kirkman made it clear long ago that Rick and the gang might very well be turning into villains. It certainly seems that’s possible in this issue, when Rick beats the snot out of the scout/ambassador trying to tie the Community into a larger society. Now, Rick has plenty of reason to be curious, but man, he’s one aggressive dude. I love his new leadership cadre too, with Abraham, Michonne, and a welcome Eugene making an appearance. Eugene seemed like a fun weirdo, but we haven’t seen him in so long. He is definitely a good sort to have around in a post-apocalypse situation. If he can figure out how to make bullets, the Community just got a lot tougher.

I like Andrea as the voice of reason too. One of my problems with the Walking Dead TV show is that they’ve ruined Andrea so badly. She’s such a smart, capable, well-adjusted character in the comic, seeing her as a weepy, careless weak link kind of stinks.

Charlie Adlard’s best sequence this issue comes while Rick is leading his small team out as bait and they hit a crowd of zombies. Rick calmly raises his gun hand, and you can see him pointing out targets for Michonne. Abraham wants to start shooting, but this is old hat for Michonne and Rick, they just clean up with whatever they are holding. It’s great seeing how clinical this group has become at dispatching roamers.


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