Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wonder Woman #1

While this was a pretty enjoyable debut issue, I'm not sure it totally feels like a Wonder Woman story to me. Brian Azzarello has been pretty up-front about this being a horror book, but I still wasn't expecting the level of gore and violence that is present in this book. This really is a Vertigo-style take on Wonder Woman, and once again, this is another comic I can't let my daughter read. I find it fascinating that there are so few comics that she can even read over my shoulder because of the DCnU's ultra-violence.

Azzarello has some neat ideas, no doubt. I love the idea of Apollo as some sort of business-villain, killing hotties to be his new oracles. And the weird, animalistic take on the Greek myths make sense too, with the centaurs and bird-like Hermes working surprisingly well. I'm interested in seeing how this goes, but I think this another book that I'll follow through digital sales.

Cliff Chiang's art is wonderful. Most of the ladies spend a lot of time in their underpants (or less) but Chiang keeps it from being too gratuitous. His character designs are wonderful, and he even keeps the gore from being too upsetting.

Overall, I'm just sort of shocked at the level of violence in this relaunch!


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