Saturday, September 3, 2011

Captain America Corps #3

This is a series about an alternate timeline where a villain has gone back in time and changed the way the universe works. Heroes are either missing or dead, and things seem dire in the vastly altered present. There are a few heroes who still remember how things are supposed to be, and they are working hard to overcome the villains who put the world together with evil in control.

Does this sound familiar? The big difference is that this series is self-contained, stars a bunch of heroes who actually affect the plot, and the book is $2.99. I’ll admit, Phil Briones’ art isn’t as good as Andy Kubert’s but Roger Stern’s story would match up to Flashpoint any day of the week.

The heroes in this series were all there at the beginning and they aren’t popping up in ancillary titles. Stern gives us the chance to get to know a different Captain America type with each issue (this issue featuring the fantastic USAgent).

Listen, I love alternate world stories, but they don’t need to cost hundreds of dollars to follow. Stern and Briones have put together a great little self-contained series about Cap and his affect on those closest to him. The series is logical and well-paced. It isn’t overly violent. What a nice surprise!


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Artillery Range said...

Looking forward to this as a TPB!