Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Batman & Robin #1

The funniest thing about this relaunch is the fact that some of the books honestly just pick up where the "old" DCU left off. I mean, Batman & Damian are exactly as they have been for the past few months. It wouldn't surprise me if Peter Tomasi actually had this issue written for his aborted run a few months ago. That's how seamlessly it fits into the greater Bat-verse continuity.

Not surprisingly, this comic is a tad on the gory side. Tomasi loves his grossness. The Russian member of Batman Inc. meets up with the new villain, the Nobody, and it suddenly becomes clear that another aspect of Morrison's expanded Bat-team is a limitless number of people to kill to make Bats angry. I expect to see this idea well-mined. It is spooky, Tomasi and Patrick Gleason have shown that they excel in that dark and gloomy atmosphere of Gotham's villains (even if this one is in Moscow).

The bulk of the issue shows Bruce Wayne and Damian trying to come to some sort of common ground. Bruce is trying to be a Bat Dad AND a teacher, and Damian is having none of it. I really dug the comment that Dick Grayson had accepted Damian, why couldn't Bruce? That's an angle I never would have guessed, that Damian might prefer NightBats somehow?

Patrick Gleason is one of the best pencillers in the business. Look at that design for the Russian Batman. I loved every weird curve and wheel on that sewer-traveling bat-pod, and I guarantee that the new villain we see formed is going to be horrific.

This is my kind of Bat-book. (Even if it is old-fashioned and not very DCnU!)


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