Monday, September 12, 2011

Justice League International #1

A wise man needs to know his limitations; I fully realize that I like simple, smash-em-up super-hero comics with a touch of humor. I don't know if I'm the target audience for a book like JLI, but man, this is one of my favorites in the DCnU so far.

And it isn't even as if this is the BEST book of the relaunch, I can recognize that Batgirl and Action Comics may be put together better. But Dan Jurgens and Aaron Lopresti have created exactly what I look for in my comics; lots of brightly clad characters with awesome powers fighting some bad guys.

This premiere issue actually has the whole team thrown together by the UN, and immediately sent off on their first mission. It's always fun seeing a group forming up, and I dug the commentary from the organizers on who fits in with the league and who doesn't. I do think Guy Gardner will be back, and I'm pleased about that, but even as it stands now, this is a very solid team. Booster Gold is somehow earnest AND a sell-out (I'm not sure anyone but Jurgens could pull that off). Godiva is wonderful, making snarky comments at every opportunity. Rocket Red and General-in-Iron are still stereotypes, but they sure are fun. That leaves the legit heroes a bit outnumbered, I'd say only Batman, Ice, Fire, and Vixen are truly straight-up heroes. But that's a fine ratio.

Lopresti's art is bright and the costumes work well... mostly. I really don't care for Booster's new sleek look, I think the last costume from his solo series worked a bit better. Godiva needs a more dynamic look too, the plain white suit doesn't cut it with this crew. The rest of the group looks great, with Rocket Red's suit being a stand-out. The storytelling is clear and the cliffhanger design looks fun.

Pencil me down, I'm in this for the long-haul.


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