Sunday, September 25, 2011

Daredevil #3

I can't believe this, but I think Mark Waid is actually making me like Daredevil. As I've said, I own a ton of Daredevil comics, but I've never actually been a huge fan of the character himself. But seeing how Waid is writing Matt Murdock is totally turning me around!

I absolutely love that Klaw is the first villain to go up against DD. They are natural enemies; it just makes sense that these guys would face off. I'm not sure what Klaw's current state is, but Waid handles this appearance in a fashion that doesn't affect the "real" Ulysses Klaw. This is the story of one sad sound-duplicate trying to save his master. I ALMOST felt sorry for the dupe towards the end of the issue, once DD had the fight in hand. It's funny that deafening DD actually seemed to make him a bit more ruthless than normal.

But Mark Waid's DD doesn't hold a grudge, and he seemed pretty darn chipper as he hit on those ladies at the closing. I really like the new twist on practicing law, too; it's a neat step forward that acknowledges all of Murdock's twisted and convoluted past.

And that art! We can all agree that Paulo Rivera's insane fusion of detail and cartoony features is brilliant, right? Those facial expressions are wonderful, and the insane Klaw-tech's detail is unbelievable. Wonderful, wonderful art.



Jeff said...

I just read this one today too. I loved it. I actually read three issues worth of Daredevil today (2-4) and man, if I am not a newly-renewed Mark Waid fan. And you're exactly right about the artwork--beautiful, inventive, and clean as day.

Timbotron said...

And contrary to DC's output, I think I could read it with my kids looking over my shoulder!

Glad you dug it too.