Monday, September 19, 2011

Demon Knights #1

Now this is more what I had in mind! I had high hopes for Paul Cornell's DCnU work, but Stormwatch just barely rated a Good (too cluttered, as I said) but the pacing and introduction in this issue are a lot stronger.

The whole team doesn't form up, but we do see the origin of the guy on the cover, Etrigan the Demon. Once again tied to the fall of Camelot and Merlin, the Demon is immediately in an interesting spot. Madame Xanadu seems to be a lot more hands-on than I remember her. It's fun seeing her be somewhat brash and not just sitting around picking cards. Xanadu has another pretty fascinating interest; she seems to be involved with both Jason Blood AND Etrigan. Talk about a complicated love life!

Vandal Savage shows up too, and he's already familiar with the two other immortal characters. He seems a lot more affable than I remember, and I'm not complaining. There is also some sort of inventor type and what seems to be an Amazon, so the team is shaping up nicely. I do like the appearance of the "dragons" at the close of the issue too, but I hope there is plenty of other magic and weirdness. Setting the book in the "real" world could be limiting. I want the title to live up to Cornell's comparisons to Game of Thrones and Dragon Age.

The villains have a lot of potential for some fun plots. Morgaine Le Fey (I think) has some pretty interesting magical help. I think Legion fans might be interested...

Diogenes Neves' art is clean and clear. I really dig the armored-hulk version of Etrigan, that's an original take that really sets this book apart from the old DCU. I can't wait to see more of the characters kicking butt next issue; I bet that Amazon is going to be one of my new faves.


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