Friday, September 23, 2011

Batman #1

Wow, Batman is YOUNG. I was initially startled by how young Dick Grayson seems to be when he first shows up, but really, Greg Capullo’s take on the bat-family is interesting.

This is another shockingly violent comic from the DCnU relaunch. More than anything else, I’m stunned at the commonality of violence in these books. Near the end of the comic, Bats shows up to help the Gotham police deal with a body found full of throwing knives. It’s not quite as gory as some other titles recently, but still…

Scott Snyder really opens the relaunched book with guns a-blazing. I mean, a full-scale breakout at Arkham Asylum featuring Professor Pyg, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, and more? That’s normally a year-long storyline, not the first half of a premiere issue.

Snyder checks off a ton of bat-boxes in this one. The Arkham gang shows up. The bat family seems to be playing an important role. There’s a new mystery for Bats to dig into that will tie into the family nicely, it seems (I don’t think Snyder is going to let go of Dick Grayson too easily). Snyder even squeezes in the required Bruce Wayne speech about revitalizing Gotham City. Snyder clearly knows what he needs to do to produce a bat-comic.

I dig Capullo’s weird cowl on the batsuit. Bats’ helmet actually looks like a helmet mounted onto some sort of harness, and it’s a neat look.


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