Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Static Shock #1

Sigh. This round goes to you, DC. I picked up two books that I wasn't planning to week one of the DCnU, and I'm pretty sure I'll be sticking around on both.

John Rozum didn't sound too excited in his promos for this series; it really sounded like he handed over some scripts that needed heavy tweaking from co-plotter and penciller Scott McDaniel. That may be the case, but the two actually work well together. This is a by-the-numbers book, but there are enough elements here to bring me back.

Virgil (Ovid) Hawkins has made the move to NYC, where he's working for Star Labs. It's unclear how much of his pre-relaunch history stands, but at the least we know that Dakota City exists, that Static has been active there, and that Hardware has taken the young hero under his wing. As a huge Hardware fan, I'm now obligated to pick up this book. Fortunately I'm a Static fan too. NYC isn't going to be too kind to Static, it seems. The same fickle folks who read the Daily Bugle seem to reside in the DCnU Big Apple.

I can't remember if the villains in this issue are new or not, but either way, there is potential with a lizard-guy who shoots glowing CD's. And is that last page correct? Cause it looks like Static just got his arm blasted off!

The hits keep coming, because I'm not smart enough to know if the science during the opening fight is real or not, but it sounds good enough to me to pass the comic pseudo-science test. (But then, cosmic treadmills also pass that test, so it isn't saying much!)

Scott McDaniel may not be the most detailed or realistic artist, but he has always excelled at dynamic action. An electric hero like Static is right up his alley. Static uses his powers in two or three different ways that work visually and scientifically, boosting Virgil's power set in some pretty neat ways.

DC wins again. I'm in.


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