Friday, September 16, 2011

Grifter #1

And here's another DCnU book not meeting my expectations. This one goes in teh other direction, though. I'm one of the few who actually bought the Grifter series in the 90's, so I have some affection for the character. Hearing that he'd be re-created as a con-man dealing with hidden monsters, I envisioned Sawyer from LOST starring in They Live. That's a pretty strong concept, right? But the actual execution has a lot more confused running around and not enough monsters. I get that Nathan Edmondson is probably headed in that direction, but there isn't enough in the first issue to convince me.

My other big problem is that when you book your lead a con man, he needs to have good dialogue; I want to believe he's a smart guy taking advantage of all those around him. I never really got that impression of Cole Cash in this issue. Sure, he's a good fighter (he's an ex-Delta Force operator) and he's tough, but there are a lot of fighty-tough guys out there.

Cafu's art is smooth and sleek, and while I don't love the weird sideburns on Cole, I appreciate the unique look. The creatures/daemonites aren't really making any sort of appearance yet, so I'm not sure how they'll look.

This book may end up being fine, but this one is getting bumped off the list. Maybe I'll check out some digital issues when they go on sale.


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