Monday, September 26, 2011

Swamp Thing #1

Wow. I picked this up as a whim since I heard it was selling out everywhere. It's a solid little issue, and Scott Snyder does an amazing job combining Alan Moore's madness with the normal DCU. I never thought it could make sense seeing Swamp Thing's entire past smooshed together like this, but seeing metal-pantsed Superman chatting with Alex Holland just... worked.

The new villain is horrific, and he'd fit right in to a Vertigo series. His flunkies with their twisted heads are horrific (and would have fit into Chuck Dixon's Bludhaven, back in the day). I think the flies as carriers for this new evil beastie are even worse, how can anyone stop a fly from crawling into your ear? And in a world where we actually see Superman, Batman, and Aquaman, could this creature take over a real hero? Spooky thought!

And I totally get the criticism that Swamp Thing is only on one page of this issue, but I'm ok with it. Alec Holland is a pretty likeable guy, and I'm getting a real David Banner/Hulk feel from him. This book reads like a pilot for a TV show.

Yanick Paquette's art always seemed super-hero-y to me, but he does a tremendous job with the horror elements of this book. The plants that constantly surround Holland have a sense of menace even as they sit there looking pretty. This is a neat book with a ton of potential. I think I will end up following this one digitally.


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