Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Captain America Corps #4

And the fun, self-contained story continues. As the series moves on, this is starting more and more to feel like a What If? issue from the 1980’s. I mean, we had a neat crew of alternate Caps trapped in a fascist world, which was good enough, but now Cap and his crew link up with the Resistance! This little crew is made up of the last surviving heroes and villains in the Marvel U. And as all long-time readers know, any group of Marvel U survivors must include Spider-Man and the Punisher. (I am shocked that Wolverine didn’t make it!) The team is rounded out by some neat folks, including Daredevil, Tigra, Nick Fury, Henry Gyrich and Wyatt Wingfoot. Heck, later in the book we get Electro and Fixer! As for Tony Stark’s fate, surely I’m not the only one figuring he’s going to get some new armor very soon?

I’m a sucker for classic-Cap concepts like the Ameridroid and Americop, so I’m a tad bummed they didn’t do a better job lasting through the fights in this issue. But I have faith in Roger Stern’s storytelling, so I’m certain that Broadstripe and Brightstar will be tough enough on their own to challenge this big crew of Marvel heroes.

Phil Briones’ art is actually getting stronger as the series goes on. I really enjoyed his work on the futuristic Cap. Briones’ work on American Dream is strong; she’s got a great, classic-looking design, I wish she could get more use! It’s worth mentioning that my daughters really dug this cover, too!


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