Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Green Lantern #1

OMYGOSH! I got one of the ultra-rare teardrop misprint covers of Green Lantern #1! Hello eBay!


How in the world is this Green Lantern #1? It totally just picks up after War of the Green Lanterns! I really don't understand this relaunch. How can so many aspects of the DCU just continue on while other aspects have been totally erased and changed? It honestly boggles my mind that anyone thought this was a good idea to handle continuity this way. As the days wear on, I find myself less interested in the "reboot" titles I had planned to buy like Stormwatch and JLI, I'd rather stick to continuing books like the Bat-titles, GL, or new stuff like Demon Knights and OMAC. It all just seems so arbitrary.

But enough about the greater relaunch. How is this issue? Pretty decent, actually, Geoff Johns does pick up with Sinestro back in his green duds. It's amusing seeing Sinestro try to come to some sort of decision on his next step. I'd imagine he's in a pretty weird place right now.

The stronger aspects of the issue hit when we see more of the Hal Jordan Jerk Show. Hal isn't paying his bills, doesn't have a job, and is generally lost without the green bling to give his life purpose. Maybe it's just because I already think Hal is a jerk, but nothing that happens while he's depowered comes close to changing my mind. That moment at the restaurant with Carol Ferris was a classic Hal moment.

Doug Mahnke's artwork is stunning, as always. He does a stronger job than I'd expected with the "normal life" scenes. It turns out that he's as good at drawing folks out on a date as he is drawing huge, malformed aliens with glowing trinkets.


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