Thursday, September 22, 2011

Black Panther #523

Wait one darn second. Is Marvel still putting out comics? I thought everyone agreed that they'd sit out for September!

David Liss does a nice job wrapping up his Fear Itself tie-in that actually had very little to do with Fear Itself. This is the type of tie-in book I loved as a kid, because while it did sort of crossover, it actually just told a kick-butt story about the main character.

After all the online hoodoo about the American Panther, it was kind of nice to see T'Challa just kick his butt. Very few folks should have a chance against the Black Panther, and the ol' AP is not one of those guys. I do like that Liss leaves the option open to use the character again, and it will be fun making guesses on who could take up the role in the future. (Not Casper Cole, right? Who else is a good fit?)

The Panther is lucky to have so many tough ladies in his life. When the super-villains come calling, Storm is a handy pal to have in your corner. For the more street-level conflicts that usually fill this series, Sofija the waitress is pretty darn capable herself! T'Challa got lucky that she's a good waitperson and knows how to handle herself in a fight. Liss keeps the balance throughout the book; this is clearly T'Challa's show, but there is room for the competent supporting cast.

Francesco Francavilla continues to display why he's the best artist for this book. The heavy inks look fantastic for T'Challa's street-level conflicts. This issue does seem a lot more rushed than some of his other issues; there are a lot of pages with no backgrounds. But since many of those simple pages consist of night-vision-fighting, I think it works.

This continues to be one of the better titles coming out every month, give it a try when it becomes Black Panther: The Most Dangerous Man Alive next month!


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