Monday, September 5, 2011

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #13

Another day, another secret traitor for poor old Batman to try and figure out. This was pretty similar to the Batman Inc. comic I reviewed yesterday, with Batman meeting and catching a bad guy all in the same issue. I liked this one a bit more because Peter Tomasi and Ron Frenz keep the issue moving along at a brisk pace, while delivering some classic ring-slinging too.

I understand why Tomasi was tempted to use the "one-punch!" line, it's almost a requirement for Bats and Guy, now. But in this instance, it didn't quite work. Guy was on his best behavior (still an abrasive jerk, but not as bad as he can be!) so it felt weird shoe-horning that joke in at the close of the issue.

The story itself is another generic done-in-one, more notable for the art than for any genre-defining story. I've loved Ron Frenz's art for years, and he rarely gets to work on DC properties (except his long run with Superman Blue!) He's not an artist I would think of for a locked-room mystery, I prefer him drawing super-strong guys getting dog-piled, then blasting his or her way out! Seriously, I think this is the first Frenz-illustrated book I've read where that didn't happen!

The art is clean and dynamic, as I expect from Frenz. Again, any chance he gets some DCnU work in the future, DC?


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