Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flashpoint: Lois Lane & the Resistance #1

It’s interesting. I was wondering if one of my favorite writing teams could write a comic I wouldn’t like, and the answer is yes. Lois Lane & the Resistance is not a good comic. I won’t blame them, because Flashpoint is pretty uneven, but this is a disappointment.

The pacing is frantic, as the story opens with Lois in an absolutely ridiculous dress covering fashion week in Paris. She complains about it, so there is a glimpse of the real Lois Lane, but Perry wants her covering something fluffy so people can forget about the war between the Amazons and the Atlanteans. (There is a hilarious opening sequence with various newscasters trying to bring the reader up to date on the history of Flashpoint. This is the segment where the British Isles have been reduced to one.)

As Flashpoint readers know, the Atlanteans flood Paris, and the Amazons rescue select folks from the drowned city (they refuse to take some priests since they worship the wrong god). Now Lois gets plopped in London, where she agrees to become a spy for Cyborg. It’s odd, because her spying consists of her being a prisoner and just doing as she’s told until the final pages, when she meets Penny Black, a new character who talks like Tonks from Harry Potter (do British folks really say “Wotcher?”) Oh my.

And the art is bad. Eddy Nunez draws like an Joe Mad clone from the late 90s. This is like Roger Cruz or one of those guys who did the big chins and anime fingers and eyes. The Demon does not appear in this comic, neither does the Canterbury Cricket. It is entirely Lois Lane being shuffled from plot point to plot point while wearing ridiculous dresses.


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