Friday, June 17, 2011

Comics on the Bubble: Thor #611-614

With Kieron Gillen taking over Journey into Mystery, I was interested in seeing how his short little Thor run ended up. I liked his Siege issues, but dropped the title after that when the price raised to $3.99. Well, a dollar sale at my comic store has completed the run, so let’s see how they hold up!

Issue 611-614 – This story features the Dsir, the cannibal spirits cursed to feast on Asgardian souls, but forever banished from Hel. With Hela’s realm relocated into Mephisto’s Hell, these horrific ghouls figure they have an out and start a-feasting. There are some great, graphic moments in this series as Thor and Tyr face down the creatures in their attempt to protect Hela. Gillen shows a mastery in dealing with that mixture of heroism and bravado that make Thor so compelling.

The other captivating aspect to the story is watching Mephisto stay out of the fray. He’s Loki-like in his ability to manipulate and cajole the players to get what he wants. And in this case, he thinks the Dsir are hot and he wants them around. Nice seeing the red guy so easy to relate to! The art is strong throughout, and this is a strong wrap-up. Pencil me in for the Journey into Mystery trade! KEEP

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